Why celebrate Holi ? Holi celebration

Why celebrate Holi

Why celebrate Holi ? Holi celebration: There is no other country in the entire world like our India where people together enjoy all the festivals with brotherly fodder without any discrimination.This festival is a major and popular festival of Hindus, but still everywhere, people of every religion celebrate this festival together with love, due to which this festival increases affection and brings closeness to each other. All the indian festivals celebrated in our country have a mythological and true story hidden behind them. In the same way, there are many stories behind playing, colors in holi. Today from this article we will know why Holi is celebrated?

What is Holi

Holi day is a very auspicious day. Holi celebration, This festival falls every year in the month of March of Fagun, i.e., on the day of Vasant Ritu, which is celebrated on the full moon day and it is the most joyous festival. It is the festival of spring and upon its arrival winter ends and summer begins.“Why celebrate Holi”.

On March 20 this year, Holi will be played everywhere across the country. In some parts of India, farmers celebrate this festival in the joy of growing a good crop.

This festival of Holi begins on the evening of Holika Dahan on the last day of Phagun and on the next morning everyone meets, hugs and colors and embellishes each other. During this time, the whole nature and atmosphere looks very beautiful and colorful. This festival is known as the victory of unity, love, happiness, happiness and good over evil.

Why is holi celebrated

After all, why is the festival of Holi celebrated? There are many mythological stories associated with this festival of Holi, of which the most popular story is Prahlada and his devotion. It is believed that in ancient times there used to be a powerful Ashur named Hiranyakashyap who was given a boon by Brahma Dev that he cannot kill any human being or any mortal, nor with any weapon or weapon, outside or outside the house, Neither in day nor in night, nor in the earth nor in the sky.
Ashur had become arrogant because of this immense power and thought of himself as God instead of God. He used to persecute all the people of his kingdom and forbade everyone to worship Lord Vishnu and instructed him to worship as he wanted to avenge the death of younger brother who was killed by Lord Vishnu. why we celebrate holi.

why do we celebrate holi: Hiranyakashyap had a son named Prahlad. Despite being the son of an Ashur, he would not listen to his father and worshiped Lord Vishnu. Due to the fear of Hiranyakashyap, everyone was forced to consider him Lord, except his son Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap did not approve of this, he tried hard to give up his son’s devotion to Lord Vishnu, but he failed every time in his efforts. In this anger, he decided to die his own son.

In this disgusting trick, he asked for help from his Behen Holika. Holika also received a boon by Lord Shiva in which she received a garment. As long as that cloth remains on Holika’s body, no one can burn Holika. Hiranyakashyap created a conspiracy and ordered Holika to take Prahlada in his lap and sit in the fire. Holika cannot be burnt in the fire because she has got a boon but her son will be consumed by trapping in that fire, which will give everyone the lesson that if someone refuses to listen to him, then his result will be like his son. why do we celebrate holi festival.

When Holika sat in the fire with Prahlada, he was reciting Lord Vishnu. It is the greatest duty of God to protect his devotees, so he also created a conspiracy and a storm came that caused the vestry wrapped around the body of Holika to fly away and Holika was consumed as a boon for not burning with fire and there is another devotee. Prahlad was not even touched by Agni Dev. From then till now people of Hindu religion see this day as a victory of good over evil and from that day Holi festival was started and people used to play with colors to celebrate this day. why is holi called the festival of colours.

History of Holi Festival

What is the importance of Holi? Holi festival has been celebrated since ancient times due to its cultural and traditional beliefs. It is mentioned in many sacred mythological books of India, such as Purana, Daskumar Charit, Sanskrit drama, Ratnavali. On this ritual of Holi, people start making piles of wood and other flammable materials for the rituals of Holika Dahan in the streets, parks, community centers, and surrounding areas of temples. Many people also do cleanliness at home. Along with this, different types of dishes are also made, such as gujhiya, sweets, matthi, malpua, chips etc.

Holi is a huge festival for Hindus all over India, which has been present for many centuries before Jesus Christ. If we talk about Holi before this, then this festival was celebrated by married women for the good of their family by worshiping the full moon. According to ancient Indian mythology, there have been many legends behind celebrating this festival. why we celebrate holi festival.

Holi is a cultural and religious, traditional festival for Hindus. Holi originates from the word “Holika”. Holi festival is especially celebrated by the people of India (Aryavrata), behind which there is a big reason. A big reason is that this festival is not only of colors but also of brotherhood. Just as we use all colors during the festival, similarly we should live in a spirit of brotherhood and keep all the festivals together with each other.

How to Celebrate Holi properly

Earlier Holi colors were made from natural things like flowers and they were called Gulal. That color was very good for our skin because no chemicals were added to it. But in today’s time, shops sell powders made of chemicals in the name of colors, which is harmful for the health of all of us, especially for the children. These colors made from chemicals are available at low prices and the natural color, which should be used on Holi day, actually costs a little more, so people buy a color with a lower price, unaware of how dangerous those colors are for them is.

Due to this bad color, many people have given up playing Holi, which is very sad because due to the color made from chemicals, people have to face many physical diseases later. We should celebrate this old and refreshed festival in a good and proper way. So today I will tell you what to do and what not to do this time of Holi. ” why we celebrate holi in english”.

What to do on holi day

  1. Use organic and naturals colors on Holi day. Such as Food dye.
  2. Your body should be covered with the clothes you wear on this day so that when another person gives you a color made of chemicals, your skin will be saved due to clothes.
  3. Apply any oil on your face, body and hair so that when you try to get rid of the colors while bathing, they get rid of easily.
  4. If you start having any physical problems after playing with colors, then get treatment in your nearest hospital immediately.
  5. The person suffering from Asthma must use face mask while playing color.
  6. You can use the cap on the head so that the hair is not damaged.

What not to do on holi day

  1. Do not use any color or synthetic color made from chemicals.
  2. Do not put colors in the eyes, nose, mouth and ears of any person.
  3. Celebrate the day of Holi with your family and friends and stay away from strangers.
  4. Persons with Eczema try to stay away from colors.
  5. Do not force colors on anyone else nor apply them on animals, just as these colors are dangerous for us, in the same way they are equally dangerous for animals.
  6. Stay away from cheap chinese colors because they are very harmful for the skin.

How to remove colors from your body

The best way is to moisturize your entire body beforehand using oil so that no color will stick in our skin. With this we can wash it easily. You can also use oil for hair or you can put a cap on the head so that your hair cannot be damaged in color. Use organic dyes such as food dye as much as possible because chemicals can damage our skin. Use more dry colors so that they can be easily cleaned.

Why celebrate Holi ? Holi celebration

Happy Holi Wishes

The fragrance of Mathura, the necklace of Gokul,
Vrindaban fragrance, rain shower
Radha’s hope, Kanha’s love,
Happy Holi festival to you !!

There is no caste of colors
They just bring happiness
Let’s shake hands!
Holi hai holi

May this opportunity come as moon every time
Smells of all colors come as pride!
Never laugh away from your face
This festival of Holi came as such a guest

Fill the colors with love,
Color the world with colors of affection!
Not knowing this color, no caste was spoken
Happy everyone, Happy Holi!

May your life be more beautiful than these colors,
Our prayers are always smelling,
Holi of this relationship’s love never fail
A-Mere friend! Happy Holi to all of you.

Hang out in the streets.
Get rid of everyone’s bag today!
If someone smiles, hug him or else get out,
Happy Holi by saying color

Holi is just an excuse for colors;
This festival is to increase friendship and love among themselves;
Let’s remove all the numbness and make each other feel very colored;
Together we consider Holi.
Happy Holi!

Love, affection, dedication, caress,
Love, goodwill, goodwill,
These seven colors are showers,
Bring today’s day out of your life

Why is Holi celebrated?

I hope you have liked this article of mine and have also come to know why Holi is celebrated? So friends, do not play with your health or the health of others in Holi this time and use naturals colors instead of chemical colors and have a lot of fun.

“Happy Holi” to you all in advance from us. If you want to tell us the way to celebrate your holi then definitely write a comment at the end of the article.

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