What is the treatment of Hantavirus

What is the treatment of Hantavirus

What is the treatment of Hantavirus: In Yunnan, a person has died of an infection with the Hantavirus. After the death of this person from the Hantavirus, he started trending the name of this virus on Twitter. Users have started discussing the Hantavirus. Questions are being raised that these may not become epidemic like coronavirus. Fears of infection of this virus have also started in India. After all, what is the virus, its symptoms and what are the ways to avoid it, let us know. Treatment of the Hanta Virus.

What is Hanta virus?

According to experts, there is no need to panic with the Hantavirus as it is not as deadly as the coronavirus. These viruses do not touch anyone or spread through the air. It spreads through contact with a rat or squirrel. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘Laugh virus is spread by the feces, urine of mice. Human beings are infected with this virus only when they come in contact with it. In such a situation, all the houses in which the mice are going to move, they need to take special care.

Symptoms of hysteria virus

People infected with Hantavirus have a fever, fatigue, muscle aches. This pain can be more especially in the thigh-hip, back and shoulders. Apart from this, headache, dizziness, chills, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea are also involved in the infection of this virus. If there is a delay in the detection of this virus, then it starts filling the lungs of the infected patient and then he has problems breathing.

What is the treatment of Hanta virus

The laughing virus can also be fatal, yet there is no clear cure for this virus. The patient is monitored only through medical care and ICU. Oxygen cylinders help patients breathe. To avoid infection with this virus, it is most important that people with fever and fatigue stay away from mice. This virus spreads from rats and squirrels, so they need to take special care of it.

How to avoid laughing virus

The easiest way to prevent the Laugh virus is that rats cannot reach the houses or offices or living areas. Keep an eye on the fact that no rat can enter the house. Keep a special distance from the rat and squirrel. Laugh virus does not pass from one person to another, but if someone touches their eyes, nose and mouth after touching the feces, urine, etc. of mice, then their chances of getting infected with Laugh virus increases. In such a situation, people need to take special care of this matter.

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