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Garden Of Five Senses Information

Garden Of Five Senses Information: The Garden of Five Senses is located in Saeed-ul-Ajaib in the city of Delhi, which attracts everyone with charm. Explain that this park is a major part of Delhi tourism which is spread over 20 acres of land. This garden is named after the Garden of Five Senses because it gives a soothing experience to anyone’s five senses. This garden was inaugurated in 2003 and after that, it became a popular tourist destination of Delhi. This park is full of many natural views, tells that more than 25 clay and rock crafts are built in this park among more than 200 attractive and fragrant plants.

Designed for the fulfillment of form, color, smell, sound, and taste, this park is a very quiet place which is very popular among couples. If you want to know more about the Garden of Five Senses, then read this article, here we are giving you information about going to the Garden of Five Senses.

Entry fees for Delhi’s Garden of Five Senses:

  • Entry fees for adults – Rs 30 per person
  • Entry fees for children – Rs 500 per person (up to the age of 12)
  • Entry fees for senior citizens – Rs 10 per person
  • Free entry for disabled

Garden of five senses opening and closing time:

  • October to March – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • April to September – 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Photography Charge:

  • Charge for shooting feature film – Rs 105,888
  • Half-day charge for shooting feature film – Rs 52,944
  • Charge for TV serial / commercial shoot- Rs 26,472 (8 hours)
  • Charge for camera with zoom lens – Rs 56 half-day (4 hours)

Architecture of Garden of Five Senses: When you enter the Garden of Five Senses, two huge statues of birds carved in stainless steel welcome you to the gardens. There is a huge rocky ramp in front, which leads on a spiral walk amidst a parade of gray-colored elephants. The garden is divided into several parts. To the right of the spiral stairway is the Khas Bagh. It is a small section of this park which is inspired by the Char Bagh style. It has four lush lawns, with water tanks and waterfalls. The edge of the park is decorated with small bushes and flowers to shorten it. The park is known for its eye-catching scenery, aroma of flowers, fine artifacts, sound of various plants, bells and tasting of dishes.

A fountain-pond in the pond in the middle of the park is also very attractive, besides the facilities like a food stall and a restaurant are also available in the park and a theater is also organized where dance and singing programs are organized. This park, full of natural attractions, is a paradise for botanical lovers and is also visited in large numbers by lovers.

Tourists can see various types of exotic flowers in the park, which are attracted by its beauty and fragrance. The vast area of the park is decorated with rare and endangered species (around 200 exotic plants) of many exotic flowering plants from far and wide, which is a major tourist attraction.

Nature walk at garden of five censuses: The management of this garden is organized by guided tourism nature walk. It begins with an introduction and description of trees in the Walk. It then moves to attractive Mughal designs, especially border walls and dome-shaped offices. The walk ends with a glimpse of the attractive beauty of this park and knowing about the myriad flower species that grow there.

Attractions to roam inside the garden of five censuses: A replica of the Mexican Mayana Labana Arch is constructed in the Garden of Five Senses. The government has created a replica of Labna in Mexico, in the Garden of Five Sessions, New Delhi. The local sabbatical arch of the Garden’s Five Sense was inaugurated by the then Mayor of New Delhi, Sheila Dixit, and Mexican Ambassador Jaime Nuylert. This arch has been built by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage for which the stones were brought from Rajasthan. This arch is also the center of many cultural activities.

  • Tips for visiting the Garden of Five Senses: If you are going to travel to the park, take your ID proof to the ticket counter.
  • Avoid garbage inside the park.
  • The park is a plastic-free area, so use dustbin to throw garbage.
  • Camera is allowed in this park. So do not forget to take a good camera mobile phone to click some good photos here.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes during travel.
  • When visiting the garden, do not overfeed shoes because you cannot walk for hours wearing them.
  • Best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses – Best Time to Visit Garden of Five Senses
  • Best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses – Best Time to Visit Garden of Five Senses

The best time to visit the Garden of Five Censuses is sometime during the third week of February. This place hosts a breathtaking flower festival. This month is the spring season, at this time you can see here a variety of wild and exotic species of plants and flowers, which will give you a great experience. Along with this, the weather in Delhi is also good in the month of February.

How to reach the Garden of Five Senses Delhi: How to reach the Garden of Five Senses Delhi – How to Reach the Garden of Five Senses Delhi Can. The nearest metro station to the Garden of Five Senses is Saket Metro, which is located on the Yellow Line. This garden is about 2.5 kilometers from this metro. After reaching the metro station, you can either hire a battery-powered rickshaw or travel on foot. If you want to have a comfortable journey, you can also book a taxi. tourist places near the garden of five senses.

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