Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Best Places To Visit In Bihar: Every region and state in India is unique and has its own identity. The best thing is what you will get in one region of the country, won’t get in another state. Bihar is one such beautiful state in East India, bordering Nepal. The moment the name Bihar comes, immediately we start to think of mouth-watering Litti Chokha and Chhath Puja. However, the state has even more to offer, Bihar is famous for its Buddhist pilgrimage sites, which includes the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya’s Mahabodhi Temple, under which the Buddha alleged to meditate. PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP.

Besides, the famous Mahavir Mandir temple and Gurdwara of Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji also lies in Bihar.

Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Here are the Top 10 Places To Visit In Bihar and you can also check Best Places Bihar.

1. Sitamarhi

Best Places To Visit In Bihar

As the name says it all, Sitamarhi is the birthplace of Sita, the wife of Lord Ram. The place is bordered by Champaran and Sheohar in the west, Darbhanga and Madhubani in the east, Nepal in the North, and Muzaffarpur in the south. Sitamarhi holds a significant place, rivers like Aghwara, Bagmati, Lakhandei and Manusmara flow through the Sitamarhi District. The major tourist attractions include Janaki Temple at Sitamarhi, Janaki Temple at Punaura, Haleshwar Sthan, Baghi Math, Bodhayan-Sar, Sabhagachhi Sasaula, and Shukeshwar Sthan.

2. Rajgir

Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Rajgir, a spiritual town in Bihar situated in a green valley that is surrounded by rocky hills. Rajgir is home to dense forests, beautiful caves, springs, and many Buddhist and Jain worshipping sites. It is alleged that both Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir have spent time here, thereby giving the place huge spiritual and religious importance.

3. Vaishali

Another historical site that makes for your visit to Bihar is – Vaishali. It is a small district, situated in the interiors of Bihar. Vaishali is famous for its Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain worshipping sites. Lord Mahavira was born here and the city got its name after King Vishal, from the time of Mahabharat. Moreover, it is the same city where Buddha delivered his last sermon. If you are really keen to know more about Buddhism or Jainism or want to revere Hinduism, Vaishali is the place!

4. Patna

Patna, the capital city of Bihar, prospers along the southern banks of river Ganges is one of the oldest cities in the world. Patna is one of the most popular tourist destinations that serve as a gateway to pilgrimage sites of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists. The major tourist attractions in Patna include Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Golghar, Patna Planetarium, Padri ki Haveli, the Highcourt, and Secretariat Building.

5. Nalanda

One of the most historical places, Nalanda is an enriching tourist destination in the state of Bihar. Nalanda has it all, whether you are looking for the substance of spirituality, want to experience the vibrant culture, witness history or architecture, Nalanda is a place for you! Nalanda houses one of the world’s oldest and finest residential universities, with “viharas” or monasteries to the east and “chaiyas” or temples to the west. Besides, the complex also has a little museum, where you would be able to see the collection of several original Buddhist stupas, Hindu and Buddhist coins, bronzes, terracotta jars, a sample of burnt rice and much more.

6. Madhubani

Shopper’s paradise! Madhubani in Bihar is an ancient city, it is famously known for its rich culture and amazing artwork. World-famous Madhubani paintings originated from here. Besides, the place is also famous for its beautiful sites, including Saurath, Nagar Fort, Bhawanipur, Kapileshwar Sthan, etc. Don’t miss buying Madhubani print saree and paintings when visiting this beautiful location.

7. Pawapuri

Pawapuri, located in the Nalanda district of Bihar state is a holy site for the Jains. Long ago, the place was the twin capital of Mall Mahajanapada. It is one of the most sacred places in India as Lord Mahavira was buried here in 500 BC. The major tourist attraction here is – Jalmandir, which is said to be built after the cremation of Lord Mahavira. It is said that after the cremation, a huge rush was there to collect the ashes of Lord Mahavira, which led to the removal of a layer of the soil thereby forming a pond in the place. The same pond was later converted into a lotus pond, a marble temple was built on that, named Jalmandir. You will be mesmerized to see the beauty and the serenity of the place!

8. Bhagalpur

You must have heard of Bhagalpur silk, this is the city where it is produced. Bhagalpur, the silk city is the 3rd largest city of Bihar. Besides being famous as an educational, commercial and political hub, the city is also famous for the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, fostering the species of National Aquatic Animal of India.

9. Bodh Gaya

Bodhgaya, a village in the state of Bihar is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. Bodhgaya is the place that homes the Mahabodhi tree, under which it is alleged that Gautam Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment. The place attracts tourists from across the world. You can still get to see the remains of the Mahabodhi Tree. If you want to have that enriching experience, then make time for Bodh Gaya for sure. It is a MUST VISIT place in the state of Bihar.

10. Muzaffarpur

Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Located in the north of Bihar, Muzaffarpur is famously known as the Litchi Kingdom. The city is famous for the Shahi Lychees that are produced here. Here at Muzaffarpur, you will experience a mixed culture, influenced by Hinduism, Islam, and Nepali. The place is also famous for its cuisine, which is a great blend of the Bihari and North Indian Cuisine. Don’t miss to savor on Kadhi Bari, Chora, Ghugni, Dhuska, Litti, and Pitha.

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