Bollywood Celebs Who Are A Product Of Their Parents’ Premarital Relations

It might be common in the Western countries, but in India, a child born out of wedlock is still considered “illegitimate”. Bollywood might seem to a glamorous place, filled with fame, glamour and beauty, but each coin has its two sides. They hide the dark secrets within and are not very open about the things that take a toll on them. First, there is too much pressure regarding the appearance which is why every actor is now getting under the knife. Everyone wants to look young and avoid ageing and wrinkles. Well, here are some more secrets about your favorite celebrities.

Raj Kapoor and Nargis Ji


The legendary actors Raj Kapoor and Nargis Ji had a passionate bond both on screen and off screen. Fans were madly in love with their onscreen chemistry and hoped that they both become a real life couple as well. Despite being married, Raj Kapoor had a sharp inclination towards Nargis Ji, and it is said that Dimple Kapadia was the daughter of the duo.

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