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10 Indian Actresses Reveal Their Casting Couch Stories


Glamour – check; fame – check; controversies – check; hookups and breakups-check; and how can we forget the casting couch. All of these exist and are very much a part of the Indian film industry. Bollywood is no stranger to casting couch and many of our actors and actresses have had to face this ugly side of Bollywood; some gave in to the demands of the producers/directors while others chose to maintain their dignity, had faith in their talent and denied or escaped it. Here are 10 Indian actresses who opened up about their casting couch stories.

1. Kangana Ranaut

The bold and beautiful Kangana stated that she was asked to get intimate almost after every audition she gave in her initial days. The actress, however, kept refusing and didn’t give in to the demands of anyone. She sure trusted her luck and talent it seems.

2. Mamta Kulkarni

The actress who vanished from the limelight all of a sudden had revealed that Rajkumar Santoshi had approached her on the sets of ‘China Gate’ and asked her to indulge in some physical pleasures with her. The actress denied it following which her role was cut short in the movie and she also had to part with some movies that she had in her kitty.


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